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I am regularly asked about tutorials for beginners in art. The scope of the topic is huge, so rather than trying to cater for one small portion of the market, my aim is to watch out for useful links for anyone who would like to follow them up.

I will list links with a brief description, as and when I find them.

If I get the idea that there is a cost, I will mention this alongside the link.



This site has a lot of free information and includes many links within.

As with most 'tutorial' themed sites, there will offers for fee-paying courses and 'how-to' videos.


This site has a lot of free information.

Apart from useful internal and external links - it has excellent videos to demonstrate techniques.

I would recommend this particular site to the beginner or the novice.

The videos are particularly good, because in a few minutes; a demonstration coupled with an explanation will work well for just about anybody.


An excellent tutorial site which contains a number of free lessons, plus the option of downloads or DVD's. It's a site worth taking a look at, even if only to compare with the others. Once again there are videos to enhance the information available.


A particularly good site, with plenty of graphic instruction and easy to follow steps. I'm impressed by the fact that there is an explaation of the materials, which is how it should be. Too many 'tutorial' sites expect a certain level of previous experience or knowledge.

If you would like to paint with watercolours, then this site is worth a visit.


Will Kemp is a professional artist and teacher. This site covers various mediums, techniques, and equipment. Like the other sites I've chosen to provide links for, this one contains some first class graphic description and instructions - as befitting somebody like Will Kemp.

Drawing, painting in Oils, or Acrylics? They're all there.




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