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Tom Benson           Creative Writer                                      and Artist

Gifts and commissioned pieces

A gift for a new baby

A gift for a new baby
A gift for a new baby
A gift for a new baby
A gift for a new baby
A gift for a new baby ...
Sanne - Andrew's girlfriend - August 2013
Barnard Castle ruin. Acrylic on 30cm x 40cm canvas. December 2010.

Barnard Castle, County Durham.  Completed in pencil. Top left - Market, Top right - Bowes Museum, Bottom - Galgate. 

First Anniversary gift to friends - Oct 2010
Seven-tailed dragon. Acrylic on canvas. 3ft x 2ft. August 2010.
Gift for a new baby.
Pencil on A3 cartridge paper. - April 2009.
A3 - acrylic on board. February 2009.

               A3 - coloured pencil on cartridge paper. November 2017

Old Farmhouse Inn. Pencil on cartridge paper. Aug 2000
Market stall board. -1993 (3ft Garden table gives perspective)
1950's Ford Fairlane
ELO album cover - soft pastel on black card. 24ins x 18ins. 1993
Tori Amos - in soft pastel.
Kawasaki ZZR 1100 - November 1991
Honda Goldwing drawn onto the rider's Levi jacket

Drawn in layers using fabric crayons.  One of my favourite and most unique efforts because it was a portrait of the rider's bike on his own jacket. 

Honda Goldwing

Oliver and Company - 1990

'The Hollows' at Llanfallteg.


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