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Choosing the best type of pen

Use whichever pen is most comfortable for you to write with.

The writing equipment does not have to be fancy, or expensive, and neither does it have to be a particular type.

For example: fountain pen, rollerball, gel-pen, ballpoint, nylon, felt tip, fineliner, quill, etc.

As long as the pen is comfortable for the user to hold, and the actual instrument leaves the required mark on the surface, we have the desired starting point - if you'll pardon the pun.


In other words, if you feel comfortable with a nylon tip pen, then use one - it's what Jeffrey Archer uses, and it hasn't done his book sales any harm.

If you feel that a fountain pen improves your handwriting, use one, but only if it's comfortable.

A good idea is, not to stick with what you have always used; try out different types and lengths of pen; write the same sentence, and compare the results.


What do I mean by 'lengths' of pen? Here are some examples:

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner    - 18cm    (7")

Bic ballpoint                          - 17cm    (6.75")

Parker Vector fountain pen  - 13.5cm (5.5")

Parker ballpoint                    - 13cm    (5.25")

Fisher 'space' pen                - 9cm      (3.5")


My preferences alter with the task.

For work, I use a Parker Jotter ballpoint, a good, standard, retractable pen.

At home for jotting down ideas, or writing a passage for a story, I tend to use my Fisher space pen. It's much shorter than just about any other pen, but it fits neatly into the hand, is nice to use, and is reliable.

On the odd occasion these days when I have to 'put pen to paper', for a personal letter, or a special writing task; I would use a Parker Vector fountain pen. It's reliable, and produces a good result.

Incidentally, if I'm working on a calligraphy project, I use the Parker Vector calligraphy variant.



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