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Tips to improve handwriting

Experts in handwriting techniques will suggest having fresh air; via an open window.

This is a great idea, if you're not writing in the UK in the middle of winter.

There are those that would suggest using as much natural light as possible, which again is superb advice, if it isn't 9pm in the middle of February.

I'm not an expert, but I can't stop myself from thinking of practicalities.

As a mark of respect to our learned ones, I'll leave out the sarcasm and we'll use those two ideas in our list.


We'll suggest that this is a handwriting practise session - you are not 'cramming' before a Physics exam.


1. Ensure you're happy with the pen you will be using.


2. Make sure you're equally content with the position you will be writing in, because ideally, you don't want to be moving around once you start.


3. If there is the opportunity to have fresh air, open a window. The reason that this is recommended, is because it gives us the chance to take in more oxygen, therefore keeping our brain working efficiently.


4. If there is sufficient natural light - great, but be careful not to be casting a shadow over your writing area. Likewise, if you are compelled to use a light - try to avoid creating a shadow over your writing area.


If you're still with the programme, I'll be continuing with how to form the lower case letters in the next session. If you've come this far, and you have an opinion - let me hear it.

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Saturday 6th January 2018


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