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Tom Benson           Creative Writer                                      and Artist

Military Memories

A selection of artwork related to my military years.

B70, Rod Hogarth, 48ER61 and 26EN41.
Originally drawn in Dortmund in ''72
Pen and ink portrait. When in 'Comcen Charlie' 1 Sqn, 1 Armd Div Sig Regt - '78 - '81.
C50 det with Log Periodic and 40ft Clark masts. '78 - '81
C50 det with Stacked Array on 40ft Clark mast.
Triffid det with Stacked Dipole. Part of TEV, two vehicle det at 4 Sqn, 22 Sigs.
Before we had computers ... 7 Sigs '84 - '86
1/2 ton 'Airportable FFR and 1/4 ton trailer. Recce Sgt. in second year with 7 Sigs. '86 - '88
Presented to the Drill Wing at Pirbright. During my time with 11 Sigs - Tp Sgt training Juniors.
Bradbury Barracks Thrift Shop.
16 Sigs. '88 - '92
Major General PR Davies. Portrait drawn in mid '89, when I was a Staff Sergeant. My first portrait of the man was in '79 when he was a Lieutenant Colonel and I was a Lance Corporal.
'Wet sponge' stand for Bradbury Barraks Open Day - '90.
Krefeld First School - first drawn in Oct '91 to front official school literature.
St. James, Garrison Church, Bradbury Barracks, Krefeld. '92


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