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Tom Benson           Creative Writer                                      and Artist

Sculpture and other projects

I occasionally make objects from card or paper. I call my wooden creations sculpture because I don't consider myself a carpenter.  Various DIY projects and experiments led me to trying my hand at making garden ornaments. 

With regard to my craft 'skills', using the term loosely; I started with the usual painting, electrics, shelving, carpet-fitting and other household needs and then I extended my tools to go beyond brushes, a hammer and two different screwdrivers ....

I built a garden gate, several interior doors, an interior partition wall, and then I got creative with the bits that were left behind.  It's mainly 'sculpture' through recycling.

Butterfly stand to mount 'stud' ear-rings. (Mount card and a clear acrylic support.
Butterfly stand - complete with studs. February 2014
Ol's Well. The 'well' is a plant pot covered in paper mache' and painted with acrylics. The base is wood, painted in acrylics.
Flower barrow
Cottage and Bird Table


Saturday 6th January 2018


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