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If you haven’t got a Kindle, but you do have a PC, Laptop or Tablet, why not take a few minutes to download the:

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Why should I promote this idea? Well apart from anything else, my own novels, short story collections, and poetry collections are eBooks.

Apart from that, I hate to see people missing out because they don’t know about something – and this is a pretty simple ‘fix’ to check out the wonders of eBooks.

A lot of them are FREE! It’s no accident that the word FREE is being plugged so much in this entry, so in summary, if you haven’t got one of these wonderful machines, but you’d like a lot of the benefits of having one: 

Click: Free Kindle App for Laptop, PC and Tablet  … and enjoy! 


Saturday 6th January 2018


My most recent publication

A Life of Choie: Part Five

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