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News and Project Update


News - 13th June 2018


Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories is an erotica anthology which features twelve stories, most of which are longer than the average short story. As with all of my erotica work--don't go there unless you're prepared to have a story as well as sex.


Amsterdam Calling and Ten Days in Panama are the first of my books to be published in paperback. I will produce more titles in paperback in the coming months and highlight the titles here in my news updates.


A few introductory offers for anybody who happens this way and uses Kindle:


A Life of Choice - Part One of my five-part series - 99p

(and the equivalent in other currencies), and will remain at the low price.


Highland Games - 1  of my five-part erotica novella series - 99p.


Beyond The Law: Formation - the first of the trilogy - 99p.


Humour: An Anthology of Poetry  - the first of the five-part series 99p.


The Welcome: and other Sci-Fi stories  - 99p.


All my titles have Amazon-preview/buy option buttons. You are taken to your local Amazon - no commitment. There is an alternative universal link on my websites using BookLinker.


My prices continue to range between £0.99 / $0.99 and £2.49 / $3.49.

Credibility comes before financial gain.




- Codename: Nightshade is a standalone thriller which is an extension of the Beyond The Law trilogy.


- Czech Mate is a thriller, based in Scotland and the Czech Republic. The story is in the early stages and will be due publication in 2018.


- One Man, Two Mission: and other stories will be my next collection of twelve short stories of mixed genre.



I'm also working on stories for inclusion in the next collections by the Indie Author Support and Discussion group. The books the group produces raise funds for charity.


Brief bio

Tom was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1952.


At 17, he left home to join the British Army and enjoyed a 23-year career. 

His service covered peace-time, conflicts at home and abroad, and the training of recruits.


The UK in '70.  

Germany and Northern Ireland through the 70's. 

West Berlin '76-'78. The 'Wall' was still in place. 

Germany and UK in the 80's.

Gulf War I, '90 - '91.

Germany and UK, '91 - '92.


Tom married Olive in '77. 

Their son Andrew was born in Germany in '82.


On leaving the military in '92, Tom chose Retail Management as his new career, which lasted for 20 years. 

In October 2012 he stepped down from management. 

Tom maintained a part-time role as a Retail Assistant with Ryman the Stationer to support his ambitions as a Creative Writer. 

Tom retired in early November 2017.





Wednesday 13th June 2018


Quiet Night Inn:

and other erotic stories

my latest erotica anthology

is now available.

Amsterdam Calling and

Ten Days in Panama

are now available

in paperback.


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