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Creatives, whether they be writers, artists, or any other discipline should aim to have web presence. It can be one website, or it can be an assortment of websites and web pages.

In this section I will provide the links to a handful of my platforms. There are others.

Apart from showing how a brand can be showcased using the internet, I hope these links will serve to inspire fellow creatives to increase their marketing capability.

My author website, the link for which appears on front of my business cards.

After much deliberation, I decided it better to separate my erotica titles from what is perceived by some authors and readers as 'regular' genres.

It will allow those who wish to follow my work in which ever area they see fit.

I remain disciplined in the use of my blog.

The purpose of my Wordpress website is to write about writing, to feature my creative writing, and to assist my peers in any way I can by posting appropriate articles, or supplying resource links. 

If there is one tool all creative writers should utilise, it is the freely available platform of an Amazon Author page.

Apart from a short bio, it gives any visitor a rapid view of titles and pricing, which is the main thrust of any marketing strategy.

Where would any of us in the writing business be without the network provided by Facebook?

I have my Tom Benson - Writer page, and I'm a member of several writing groups.

I also have separate pages for my Poetry, Short Stories, and Erotica.

Twitter is useful but irritating as a platform. It creates a massive networking tool in less than 200 characters, but if the post isn't set up to attract attention - it was a wasted five minutes. I tend to use a graphic, but on some occasions I use a few words and a link.

Stumble Upon has been added to my cataglogue of platforms with effect from January 2016, so its usefulness has not been fully explored by me. As I do with all platforms, I'll try to involve myself in a variety of topics.

This is not a personal website, but I have been associated with it from its inception.

I am a member of an Admin team which has restructured the website.

The IASD is a fine body of international indie writing talent.


Wednesday 13th June 2018


Quiet Night Inn:

and other erotic stories

my latest erotica anthology

is now available.

Amsterdam Calling and

Ten Days in Panama

are now available

in paperback.


Apart from this website, monthly updates, projects,

and new titles appear on

the News page of my author website, and on the

Work in Progress

pages of my writing blog.


All of my titles now have

Amazon-universal links, and preview/buy buttons.

You can buy directly or preview the book, and then if you choose to buy you are taken  to

your local Amazon.


Links to my other sites

are below.

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