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'Ten Days in Panama' is a romance-based thriller set in Panama.


'Amsterdam Calling', is a romance. It contains elements of psychological thriller, history of the Holocaust and the Dutch Resistance. It acts as a simple guide to places of interest in the city.


'A Taste of Honey' is a thriller. A young female detective of the NYPD goes missing following a family tragedy, and a mysterious vigilante begins a series of merciless executions in different states.


'Give and Take' is a full-length erotic novel.


'Curious and Camping' is a full-length erotic novel.


'Beyond The Law: Formation' is a crime thriller based in Glasgow and Central Scotland.


'Beyond The Law: Retribution' is the second in the 'Beyond The Law' series. The original team has an opportunity to take on some strange new allies in their fight against an old adversary. Action takes place mainly in Glasgow and the Scottish Highlands.


'Beyond The Law: Consequences' is the final part of the crime thriller trilogy. Blood is spilled as new alliances are formed, and distinguised bravery is witnessed in the ensuing battle of wills between the forces of good and evil.




Wednesday 13th June 2018


Quiet Night Inn:

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