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The Pornothologist


When I saw a disturbance in the long grass ahead of me, I zoomed in with my powerful field glasses. I felt a tremor of excitement, because it had to be something much bigger than the birds I’d been observing.

I kept adjusting my lenses until the focus was perfect for the distance. There was a parting of the longer foliage, and two people came out into the clearing of lush grass. It was no more than fifty metres away from my position, so I had to keep perfectly still.

It was a young man and woman, neither of them more than twenty-five years old. Both were good looking. Once they’d crawled into the middle of the clearing they knelt facing each other and kissed passionately. It seemed that they had found their ideal spot.

At a distance of 200 metres with my field glasses, I could distinguish various species of small birds, so the view of two human love-birds at only fifty metres was magnificent. I intended to watch them for a short while and then get back to my feathered friends.


I adjusted my field glasses, just as the pair started to undress, and when I was satisfied with the focus, I could see that the guy had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a great physique. The girl had long blonde hair and a good figure, so I turned to look at her next. She half-turned as she slipped out of her clothes, and I saw that she was more than pretty; she was stunning. Brown eyes, lovely big breasts and long shapely legs.

As I tried to get both of them in focus together, I saw the guy had removed his boxers, and his cock stood proud in the sunshine. I wondered if his girlfriend was as ready as him. Nothing could have prepared me for such a wonderful sighting. As I would with my regular targets, I gave them nicknames. I thought Adam and Eve were appropriate, although Adonis and Amazon would have been accurate too.

They started to kiss and fondle each other and as they got down onto the grass and got into the sixty-nine position, I put down my glasses and moved across to my camera and tripod. I adjusted the zoom lens and set the exposure setting. The lovers filled my viewfinder and they were in perfect focus because of the short distance.

As I watched them, I had my glasses in my right hand and my left hand on the remote switch to take individual shots at just the right moments. I could feel my cheeks get warm, and I was getting aroused. At some point, I had to put down my glasses and use my free hand to deal with my hard-on. I continued to watch through the camera lens.


When the wonderful live sex show stopped, I glanced at the mess on the grass in front of my legs as I pulled up my trousers. I looked around me and then carefully and quietly packed away all my equipment. I followed my usual route out through the lesser-known trails to where I’d parked my car.

As usual, I had avoided using the public car park which only held six vehicles. I had parked in amongst a small group of trees, which made it hard to get in, or out, but at least my car was well camouflaged. Due to the route in and out on foot, it took twenty minutes to reach the car. Even before I got close, I saw a folded piece of yellow paper under my wiper blade on the driver’s side.

“Shit.” For once, I wished I’d parked in a public space 1500 metres away. Now I would probably face a statutory fine, or be banned from using the area for my hobby. I packed my photographic equipment, field glasses, bird-spotting book and diary of species’ sightings into the car. Would this message ruin a wonderful day out?

I lifted the note from under the wiper, got into the car, and started the engine. Before pulling out from my parking spot, I lifted and unfolded the note:

‘Hi. I hope you got some good shots of those young lovers because I’d like some copies.’

I held the note down on my lap, switched off the engine and looked around, but due to my brilliant parking position, all I could see was foliage. I continued to read the note:

‘Now I’m sure your cheeks are burning as you ponder how much I saw of them, or, how much I saw of you for that matter. Embarrassed yet?

 I’ll put you out of your misery, or some of it at least. I too have a powerful pair of field glasses. They’re so good I was able to see that you are uncircumcised. Yes, that little purple head was being hidden, uncovered, hidden, uncovered and in the end, it had to let go its load. Remember to clean your tripod thoroughly.

If you weren’t blushing before, I would bet you are now. Do you wish you’d just come in your shorts? No, you enjoyed yourself, and I don’t blame you. You fairly shot your load across the grass, and it was a good mouthful too—I noticed.

There is one thing I would suggest for the next time. Try not to hold the camera as you come, because you’ll lose focus of the naked lovers. I don’t want you to spoil any of our photos in the future.’

I decided I’d have to find somewhere else to pursue my lifelong hobby. It might mean finding a bird sanctuary many miles away, but it was probably necessary now. I’d spoiled my own hobby by indulging myself in a little frivolous snooping. I read the next part:

‘Ah, now I suppose you’re thinking you won’t come back here, and there won’t be any more photos. Yes, you’ll no doubt believe that I can’t prove any of what I saw, but guess what? Apart from a powerful pair of field glasses, I also have a camera, and a wonderful zoom lens, just like yours, my blue-eyed voyeur.’

“Fuck it.” I could have screamed. “I’ll have to find out who did this.” I read the last part and felt my face burning with embarrassment:

‘What other questions are nagging at you? How about me? Are you wondering if I got off on the action too? I got off by watching you my lecherous lover. Yes, imagine me, not very far away with my right hand holding my camera steady, focusing on you and your hand thrashing up and down. Meanwhile, I had three fingers of my left hand buried in my soaking pussy. Oh such joy! You gave me more than one orgasm. Thank you.

If you don’t want to see your own picture in a newspaper or naughty magazine, I suggest you get yourself back here at the same time next week, but I want you naked, before you touch yourself. Keep to the same location and in case there are no young lovers, maybe you should bring something to stimulate you, unless knowing you’re being watched is good enough.

Till next week my fellow pornothologist. Smile for the little birdie. XXX.’




Thursday 24th August 2018


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