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On 27th October 2013, I was contacted by Kevin Walls, a student of the MDes Sound for the Moving Image programme at the Glasgow School of Art.


Kevin was working on a project for his Master's Degree and requested the use of my poem

'River Clyde'. He told me he would like to use the poem as part of the soundtrack for his project, 'Clyde Built'.


When the video was completed I was sent a link to view and listen to the finished product.

It was an impressive piece of footage, encompassing archive film of the Clyde shipyards in their heyday, and also the modern cityscape as seen in recent years.


Unfortunately, due to copyright, I am not permitted to offer the link, but here is the poem.



                           River Clyde

Straight through Glasgow city fair
a bustling place to be
The River Clyde flows there
reaching for the sea


On either side are towers
of concrete, steel and glass
Unobtrusively it powers
with its right to pass


It's course already travelled
from far off countryside
Thro' hill and wood unravelled
but now it's getting wide


A river of great strength
it's crossed by rail and roads
Folk live along its length
in various abodes


From south east out to west
on steadily it goes
Many bridges span abreast
this water as it flows


It's possible to trace
The Clyde throughout its trip
By foot, bike, car to chase
then finally by ship


The estuary is wide
where it finds the sea
On both banks countryside
a wondrous sight to see


Shipbuilding was the trade
on River Clyde for years
I saw it's good times fade
the loss of work brought tears


Proudly liners sailed
this waterway to sea
The industry then failed

its future not to be


Queen Elizabeth the Second
in the 60's I saw built
Her massive hull just beckoned
standing at a tilt


Journey safe we prayed
majestic down slipway
For years she plied her trade
then 'stateside' sailed one day


The Clyde has been the source
inspiring you can see
As time has run its course
for writers just like me


Songs of it are written
tales of wealth and woe
So many have been smitten
as by its banks they go


I've crossed it in a car
by bus and on a train
bike I’ve cycled far
banks in sun and rain


On foot o'er it I've hiked
on bridge both large and small
Through the
tunnel I have biked
to cycle through, a ball


When they're associated
Glasgow and the Clyde
It's where I was created
why I write of it with pride



 *This poem features in    Volume 3 - Natural History


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