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Coming Around: and other erotic stories

Coming Around: and other erotic storiesis my first short story anthology of this genre. It will depend heavily on sales, reviews and general comments whether I venture to compile another collection, or possibly write an erotic novel.


The stories in this collection contain graphic descriptions of sexual activity. Please do not purchase this book, or read the stories if you are any of the following:

Under 18-years-old, prudish, unimaginative, easily offended, narrow-minded, or homophobic.


A ‘dirty dozen’ tales to tempt, tease and titillate, which includes: heterosexual, bi-curious, gay, menage, cross-dressing, transgender, voyeurism, and BDSM.

If you are honest about your sexual fantasies, even if you don’t talk about them, you’ll find something in here to appeal to you. To the majority of those now reading – enjoy.



1.  Coming Around – Kelly and Jackie are close friends, but could they get closer during a sleepover?

2.  Windows of Opportunity – Chris watches his attractive girlfriend head off to work, and then he gets dressed …

3.  The Arrangement - Terry and Juliette are colleagues through necessity, but could they become lovers through choice?

4.  In Deep – There is curious, too curious … and bi-curious …

5.  It’s Never Too Late – Two older ladies are out shopping, and one of them is in line for some exceptional after-sales service.

6.  In For a Stretch - Barry should have been careful what he said, and who he said it to – especially in prison.

7.  The Pornothologist - He was watching a pair of lovebirds, but was there somebody watching him?

8. Obedience and Humiliation - Mark found himself bound by the agreement in a verbal contract.

9.  A Matter of Taste – Would Peter enjoy his own medicine?

10. Someone For The Weekend – It was one of those weekends when Rick had nothing on …

11. Between a Cock and a Hard Place – Gerry got into something, and then something got into Gerry.

12. Out of This World - Linda takes home an illegal alien who has plans for expansion.



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