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Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories



A variety of twelve erotica tales which invite the reader to witness scenarios as if they’ve become a fly on the wall–unless the reader prefers to imagine being a part of the action.

The titles have been chosen from eighteen contenders of erotica work which I’ve developed over several years.

Most of these titillating tales are longer than the average short story–sometimes size matters.









1.     Quiet Night Inn – A little knowledge can be useful occasionally.

2.     Home Maid – How bad can it be when a harmless pastime is discovered?

3.     A Parting Gift – Mis-placed trust can have consequences.

4.     The Agreement – What would I give … is a wish that could come true.

5.     Assessment and Progression – When two people like what they see ….

6.     Paying the Price – Good cop, bad cop, and aggrieved cop.

7.     Bound to Know – A tale of sexual entanglement in the workplace.

8.    Welcoming Dawn – How far would you go to cover your lies? 

9.    A Family Affair – Sometimes, daddy thinks he knows best ….

10.  Two’s Company – There’s more to protection than safe-sex.

11.  The Special Offer – Charlie takes customer service to whole new level.

12.  Marianne – A novelist wants a unique story to write—and finds one.



Wednesday 13th June 2018


Quiet Night Inn:

and other erotic stories

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Amsterdam Calling and

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