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Temptation: and other stories


This is another collection of mixed-genre to cater for those readers who enjoy short stories, but prefer not to be tied to a single genre.


I have featured vengeance, thriller, horror, romance, paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary tales, and sizzling romance (not erotica).


We all get urges, but until we explore, it’s hard to decide how far to go in a particular direction. Can you resist temptation? It depends on the choices being presented, which is where we find our characters in these stories.








  1. Temptation  – Dave has a long-standing weakness.
  2. A Grave Mistake – DC Jeff Clark cannot resist the chance of glory.
  3. Good with Words – Who is in control at this meeting of minds?
  4. Poisoned Ivy – Emma’s desire and potential were recognised.
  5. The Reunion – Will Gerry feel the wait was worthwhile?
  6. Going Down? – Being impulsive has consequences.
  7. A Day of Reckoning – Lei Mei has a tight schedule to meet.
  8. The Visitor – A remote island offers unusual opportunities.
  9. To Go Boldly – Was this where it all started for Jim?
  10. Louise E Anna – Where there’s a will, patience, and understanding ….
  11. Bewitched – In the 16th century, not everything was as it appeared.
  12. One Good Turn – Wayne risks his life for a stranger. 



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